Alien Sex Fiend: The Singles 1983-1995
Described by Rolling Stone Magazine as a "British shock, goth band...whose sound blends the ghoulish imagery of Alice Cooper with the Cramps-inspired neo-psychadelic guitar and screaming synthesizers", Alien Sex Fiend paved the way as the Godfathers of Goth for the American New Wave/Alternative Scene in the 1980s. Unique to a standard greatest hits compilation, "The Singles 1983 - 1995" is the band's essential singles collection, chronicling their rise over thirteen unforgettable years to the top of the new wave charts in both Europe and America. Featuring classic independent chart hits including 'Ignore the Machine', 'Lips Can't Go', 'EST (Trip to the Moon)', and 'I'm Doing Time in a Maximum Security Twilight Home', this album is the band's definitive singles career retrospective!