Skater Rock Vol. 1 2 3
Featuring current/former members of Exodus, Dangerous Toys, WASP, Skid Row, Jetboy, Salty Dog, Watchtower, Saigon Kick, Black Sabbath, Dio, Axis, and others, this 3-disc collection also showcases some of the hottest up-and-coming rock/metal bands of the millennium, including the Midnight Idols, The Jones, Signal 99, LoveBone, Ground Level, The Clear, ChokeOnIt, Hollowpoint, Edmund Allen Brown, Boarders, Fireborne, Squirrels from Hell, Adam is God, Mongrel, Limehead, Rosko, Katet, Turn, Nick Nittoli Project, Life is Drama, Joetown, Santagata, Disarray, Highschool Motherfuckers, One Bad Son, American Dog, Plyon, Buried Future, Rebel Rebel, Soul Silens, Chicago Violin, Whiskey Dick 666, Silent Scream, Danan Healy Group, Seven Envy, Gone Wild, 784 Itch, American Heartbreak, Second Hand Child, Nemesis Divina, Veritas, Proven, Second Hand Child, Dark Miracle,Carpet Thieves, Phearus, dW, Seven Deadly Sins, Pure Inc., Big Engine, 3 DEAD, Kissing Pat, Through Darkness, Redeemer, and The Karen Single Band!