Welcome to the online home of Re-Invention Records, an Indie-tronica/Alt-Country label launched in 2011 focused on offering an eclectic roster of new artists spanning a universe of musical genres and hybrids, including space rock, electronica, analog indie rock, art rock, hip hop, trip hop, neo-psychadelia, and any style that strikes our listeners' fancy. We happily accept demos, and look forward to exciting several additional new artist signings in the near future. For now, please feel free to check out our catalog of current and forthcoming new releases!

Upcoming Releases:

Haunted Heads
"Songs Playing in My Head"
Over 19 tracks, the highs and hells of love are explored on the Haunted Heads' debut LP, 'Songs Playing in My Head.' Highlight tracks: 'Lonely Side of Love,' 'Dream Catcher,' 'Butterflies', 'Psychedelic Jesus'.

Sky Screamers
"Can You Hear Me Now?!!"
(IN STORES 10/11/2011)
Imagine the B-52s crashing head-on into AC/DC, and you get the Skyscreamers! As a musical melting pot, New York over the years has produced ground-breaking bands of just about every imaginable sub-genre of rock, from the Ramones in the 70s to the Strokes in the millennium, and everything in-between. Now imagine a stylistic stew that within one song blended elements vocally of Debbie Harry, Robert Plant, and Kate Pearson overtop 70s-era garage rock guitars that derivatively recalled the Stones, the Stooges, X, the Clash, and Golden Earring, rounded out rhythmically with an experimental hybrid of industrial/electronica and new wave beat-blends that reference Ministry, Morcheeba, the Crystal Method and Public Image Ltd. among others, and you are introduced to the Skyscreamers on their debut LP, 'Can You Hear Me Now?!!'

The Conspiracy Channel
"Welcome to the Conspiracy Channel"
(IN STORES 12/06/2011)
The Conspiracy Channel's debut LP, 'Welcome to the Conspiracy Channel,' features the world's leading UFOlogists discussing all areas- from 51 to Roswell- of expertise in our shared belief that inner-planetary visitors are not only with us, but have been for YEARS. Set to astral rhythmic soundscapes (samples of which you can hear above), this record will offer a definitive sonic symposium on our shared consciousness that we are indeed not alone. Featured guests include the Godfather of modern day UFOlofy Stanton Friedman, James C Fox (I Know What I Saw), former head of British Ministry of Defense's UFO desk officer Nick Pope, Coast to Coast AM host George Noory, Don Schmidt, UFO Hunters host Bill Birnes, Ann Druffel, Yvonne Smith, and Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. among others.

The Chronic 2011: A Millennium Tribute to the Songs of Dr. Dre
The most current and definitive tribute to a living legend who Rolling Stone has praised as " the single most influential producer in hip-hop history." The album's artist roster features multi-platinum West Coast rap legend Spice 1, Domino, MC Eght, Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson from HBO's The Wire, Bronx Style Bob, members of Bone Thugz N Harmony, members of 2Pac's Thug Life clique, Rose Reiter, Chancellor Warhol, Rev Jones of Fuel, and others to be announced covering hits from every era of Dre's 25 years as a multi-platinum hitmaker with the likes of Snoop Dogg, NWA, Ice Cube, DOC, Eminem, Mary J Blige, and solo successes The Chronic, The Chronic 2001, and the forthcoming Detox.

The Israeli Punks
"Kill All the Frat Boys"
Meet the Israeli Punks, whose debut LP 'Kill All the Frat Boys' will be featured along with the band in a forthcoming fictional horror/slasher novel 'O.H.I.O.'. The band stars in the book as a traveling of punk rock gypsies whose lead singer is also a serial killer, who preys on his own groupies in an MO where they keep turning up screwed and dead in club bathrooms around the Tri-state hunting ground of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The only lead law enforcement eventually uncover comes from linking up the killings according to band's tour itinerary, marking the time of the murders with the dates the band was in a given town where the killing occurred. Next a chase ensues to catch up with the band before another groupie turns up dead... This is the soundtrack to that punk rock nightmare...

Nashville Songwriter Sampler Series Presents Vol. 1: 2011
Seeking to showcase some of country music's hottest stars on the rise, Re-Invention Records presents the first in a forthcoming series of samplers devoted entirely to new country artists/bands, beginning with 2011 where listeners can enjoy discovering new, entirely original music from the best new songs and styles coming out of country music today!